About Us

It all started when we (Janice and Laura, Mother and Daughter) were looking for a nice gift for a baby shower we were due to attend. We searched the internet and couldn’t find what we were looking for. At this point we had a lightbulb moment that we could provide gift hampers for such occasions which would suit all budgets. We had both always had a passion for creating beautiful items. Janice with sewing and Laura with crafting with the children.Fast forward to 6 years later and here we are with our own business, selling stunning gift hampers for all occasions to suit all budgets.

We first began using a small room in Janice’s house, this then became too small for the ever expanding business. After we completely took over the house we decided we needed a new premises. This was an exciting time as we knew the business was growing fast and we were providing so many people with gift hampers that we had personally designed and created. We had a premises built and moved there in 2019 and haven’t looked back since. We are always looking at ways to expand the business further and look forward to expanding our team very shortly.

The Team

Janice is a Mother of 3 and has devoted her life to being a fantastic mum to all her children. She grew up working in dress making but always had a passion for something more. She never knew her passion was to have her own business creating stunning gift hampers, but here she is, living the dream.

Laura is a Mother of 2 and has always wanted the best for her children. She started off in life wanting to be teacher. After completing her Uni degree she decided this wasn’t her dream after all. Her dream was to work along side her Mum (her best friend) and build a business from scratch. A business creating stunning gift hampers for all occasions. Again, here she is living the dream.